Ampie Luistro

Listing Assistant


I am Ampie Luistro, a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines.

I worked as a BPO agent in Manila Philippines for almost 8 years, I was assigned to different Line of Business within that span of years. I had my first baby on 2012, one day I came to work, I realized that it was really hard to be away with my child. I asked my partner if I could have a job at home, and he agreed so I can look after my baby and take care of my family. I started working as a virtual assistant at Upwork (2013), most of my job was project based. It wasn't enough so I put up an online shop, I was selling anything that I think will be profitable. I sell clothes, bags, toys, make up, perfumes, etc. Business was good but I was always out to meet with my client and deliver goods to them, sometimes there were buyers who will not buy the reserved items, I got tired of it, was a bit stressful. Then I came across with a a website that hires Virtual Assistants (MOD) with good benefits. After applying and passing the training, I was hired by Rob Chevez and got part of The Caza Group (April 2015)! 

I am in charge of the admin task, mostly in listing (coming soon and active listings). Whenever we a have a new listing, I manage it until it gets live. I order materials like sign post, photos, video and measurements. Then I will build the listing in MRIS or MLS, will update the listing until I get all the materials I ordered and make it LIVE! Then I will advertise the listing in all our social media accounts. I sometimes get a new task from my colleagues for any admin task that they needed help with.


It's fun working at home especially if you have a client who trust you and appreciates your work. Now I got 2 lovely daughters and I pay my own housing loan with the help of The Caza Group. I love working with The Caza Group, my colleagues are the best, this group is the best!  

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