6 Home Turn-Offs You Should Avoid

Are you bothered that you are getting house viewings but no offers are coming in? It may be because of that creepy smell coming from the kitchen. GoCompare.com, a mortgage company, recently conducted a survey that showed that not only shoddy home repairs, but also tiny rooms, poor lighting, and clutter will send buyers screaming away.


70% of home buyers expressed that damp patches, stained walls and ceilings were a big turn-off for them and 56% of those questioned said they are turned off by odor. Dampness is a big concern for would-be home owners as well and it could very well be the reason homeowners are getting many viewings but no offers. This is so because dampness on ceilings or walls shows that the home has not been properly maintained. Stained ceilings, black mold, musty smells, and crumbling plaster-work are all signs of possible future problems that may be costly to remedy. No buyer wants to deal with that.

Next to dampness is smell. 61% of people expressed that bad smells from pets, dampness or cigarettes are a BIG no-no for them. 54% mentioned the fact that dull lighting is unattractive. And just about a quarter of home buyers are put off by outdated kitchens and bathrooms. But these two can be costly to remodel.

Matt Sanders, spokesperson for GoCompare Mortgages said most home buyers want to move into a home that is ready and would need little or no repairs. Moving homes is a big undertaking for them and they wouldn’t want to make the move and immediately have to deal with mold and dampness.

The survey also revealed that buyers are put off by grubby, cluttered homes with gardens that are out of control. Buyers have a very difficult time picturing themselves living in a home if they have to step over dirty clothes strewn everywhere. Moreover, you will be very hard-pressed to get any offers if the kitchen has a grimy sink full of dishes.

You may not be able to fix everything in your home but if you’re selling, one simple and cost effective thing to do is to make the home clean and tidy. This makes a good first impression. Smell is a key factor so you can burn pine cones if you have a fireplace for an attractive smell or light up scented candles. Better yet, take a look at your home and see for yourself the things that repel you. They could be the difference between a SOLD sign in that front yard or another listing dying on the vine.