Top 5: Max Home Value in 2019


Number 1 - You need to get real about your homes current value in it's AS IS condition to understand your baseline value before you do any improvements.This means having and objective 3rd party real estate expert helping you interpret market data.

Number 2 - Once you understand your baseline value based on review of market comps comparing kitchens, bathrooms, floor plans, elevation, etc - you can then figure out which improvements you should do ( if any) to maximize the sales while minimizing the cost.

Number 3 - Normally your highest return low cost items are:
1) Clean and declutter- along with basic staging goes a long way!
2) Painting neutral colors that create a light and bright feeling.
3) Replace old carpet with neutral color.
4) Replace hardware and lights (change light bulbs to create a warm and  inviting room)
5) /Fix what is broken ( buyers can hold you hostage over simple fixes so just get them done on the front end)
6) Basic landscaping

Depending your goals and time frame you can certainly do more work but many times it's not necessary.

Number 4 - Price at or slightly below the market for your condition, location and seasonality.  The number 1 mistake I see sellers make it to list their home higher with the expectation that buyers are going to always offer less. While this makes rational sense it's not how buyers actually operate. Buyer's are driven by the fear of loss vs the pleasure of gain, which means that when a home shows well and it's priced right they take action for fear that someone else is going to come along and get it before. This is how you create demand - fear of loss

Number 5) Launch on a Wed or a Thursday. Data shows us that homes that go live on these says sell for more money in less time.