4 Reasons Home Buying In the Winter is a Good Idea

As everyone knows, the Real Estate market is goes through changes with the seasons.  It rises for the spring and slows for the Winter.  While this may sound negative, it is the perfect time for buyers to take advantage.


Deals From Homes Sitting

Most people list their homes in the Spring because that is when the majority of people are looking, makes sense right?  Well this also means that there is the most competition.  This along with the fact that sellers typically price their homes too high at first means that they are stuck trailing the market and sit for longer.  Now is the time for buyers to take advantage of those mistakes!

Fewer Buyers Means Less Competition

The spring and summer is when buyers are on full alert for their house hunting.  The spring is when the flowers are full and so are open houses.  In the summer, families are looking to move in time for the new school year.  The fall and winter are the times where this segment stops looking and people are focused on the holidays.  This decrease in competition also means there is a decrease for multiple offer situations.  If a seller gets multiple offers, then your price is much more likely to rise which means avoiding this situation helps you get the best house, for the lowest cost, and the least amount of stress!

Motivated Sellers Needing to Close

In general, selling a home is a hassle.  Always needing to make sure the place is clean, beds are made, and being ready to leave at a moment’s notice is less than ideal.  Doing all of this during the holiday season makes it that much tougher, and this shows that these are motivated sellers!  Why would you want to close with a motivated seller?  Because it means they are more willing to negotiate; whether it be with closing costs, closing date, amenities, or even the sales price.

Your Agent’s Increased Attention

Given all of the above, one final benefit that comes with the winter months is your agent’s attention!  Much like accounting firms, Spring is the busy time of year.  That is when the most people list and the most people buy.  It’s true that a great agent has the resources and know-how to give you everything you need at any point in the year, but if you get more attention from them due to the slower market then why not embrace it. 

Given all these benefits: increased deals, less competition, motivated sellers, and an agent’s undivided attention; Winter is the time for buyers.