Over the last 10 years the CAZA Group and their short sale negotiation team has successfully helped over 900 families navigate the stress of having to do a short sale.  

Some of the most common questions sellers face are:

1) Do I qualify for a short sale?

2) How long can I stay in my home?

3) Should I continue paying the mortgage?

4) What happens with the deficiency debt?

5) How can I get relocation assistance?

6) I have multiple loans - how do we handle this?

7) How will it effect my credit?

8) Where do I go?

9) Will the bank throw me out of my house?

10) What are the steps I need to complete to do a short sale?

If you have any of these questions just fill out the form on this page and we will consult with you for FREE on what you should do.

Our short sale service does not cost you a dime.  The bank pays our commission to help navigate and close a successful short sale so don't hesitate to call us. 

We are here to help!

Are you in a situation where you might be considering a short sale? 

We can help. Simply fill out the quick form below and one of our experienced short sale team members will connect with you ASAP.

Hear from successful short sale sellers:

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"I just completed a Short Sale that was handled by the Cazagroup. It is a very long drawn out process, but they know what they are doing and handled ... more "
by mmartinez1351