Business Showcase - Corsair Services (Mobile Auto Detailing)

Janis Lasmanis


Mobile Auto Detailing By Corsair is very pleased to offer our concierge service at the location and time most convenient for you.

Erin: Good morning everybody this is Erin Kavanagh with because a group of Keller Williams I'm here we Janis and corsair services he is a mobile auto detailer and I just wanted to you know take a moment like I said before just to introduce the local businesses that are out here person bill and the surrounding areas that could help you in in your life so figure account yeah.

Janis: I didn't mind genesis minus and I'm one of course our service we specialize in mobile county telling in that leaflet surrounding areas include personal so we have a lot of really loyal customers a press always he was looking to expand you know more we specialize mobile county telling at your place in New York could be in a time convenient to you we decided to start from your daily driver is up to and planes and and luxury automobiles we specialize and ceramic coatings also and Kerr rapid and that he just always great to be a part of a good community and then it thanks.

Erin: Thanks are you know for just me yeah absolutely and see this very vehicle right behind us here this one was actually in a hurricane you should have seen some of the scratches that were on it and showed me but actually the the coding looks pretty nice it looks like a brand new vehicle like it's never been touched pretty good job so anyway if you need anything from Janis your phone number.

Janis: Yeah my phone number is five seven one three one four four nine four four is going to be down in link and what I would like to also do whatever we spoke about it Michael for a special discount code for personal group so yeah he's probably gonna be in the link below.

Erin: Absolutely if you mention this video will make sure you get that like so thank you very much everyone and I have a great day.