Northern Virginia offers a plethora of new home builders to choose from.

No matter what kind of new construction home you intend to buy, you should research the builder carefully and put as much thought into who constructs your home as you would the area, style of home, and community. There are many reputable builders who combine quality, value, and aesthetics. 

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a New Home vs a Used Home

Today’s new homes offer more benefits than ever before. Here’s a list of the Top 10 reasons why so many home buyers prefer new homes to used houses: 

1) Builder’s Incentives: Most builders offer buyers incredible incentives to purchase a new home. From design studio credits, to closing cost assistance, and/or free structural options there are many attractive reasons to look at new homes above all else. Most resale homes offer no incentives to the buyer, unless your realtor can negotiate them for you. 

2) Choose a Floor Plan and Personalization that Meets Your Needs and Taste: One of the best things about buying a new construction home is the ability to choose the layout and personalize the home to your taste. Want a first floor owners’ suite? Easy. However, when you choose a resale home you are settling for a home that you must make your life fit into rather than a home that fits your life. Not to mention, it is someone else’s design. If you want to transform it, that will take quite a bit of remodeling which is quite costly. When buying a new home, you more than likely will get a chance to visit the builders design studio and spend hours picking colors and finishes that you have been dreaming of. 

3) All New, Under Warranty: A used home often has worn products that may soon need replacing and more than likely the warranty has expired. Your new home — and the components within it — are brand-new and under warranty. What’s the cost to replace a roof, hvac unit, appliances, countertops or a water heater on a used home? What about the time and effort that is going to go into those repairs as well? The mechanisms of your new home feature the latest designs as well as building materials and should offer you years of comfort and enjoyment before needing replacement. Buying new takes the stress out of caring for your home. 

4) Energy and Cost Savings: Today’s new homes are far more energy efficient than homes built just five years ago. Why settle for drafty, energy-wasting used homes? Special window coatings like, “Low E”, and inert gases, such as Argon, between the layers of glass are often available, saving you even more energy and money in both heating and cooling season. In addition, builders have upped the R-Value of the insulation used throughout the home, sealed duct work, installed programmable thermostats, and are using gas appliances and tank less water heaters. 

5) Comfort and Indoor Air Quality: New homes meet stringent energy standards and codes not in place even 10 years ago. They combine high-performance energy efficiency with state-of-the-art ventilation and air filtration. The result is year-round, draft-free comfort and higher indoor air quality. Many builders are adapting home energy rating systems and programs to showcase the savings, but are also independently testing each individual home to ensure the criteria is met across the board. The result is a home you buy today is not only going to be tighter, but will also have a reduced amount of interior allergen exposure versus a resale you may be eyeing from 2009.

6) Low Maintenance: New homes are designed to run more efficiently and require less maintenance than 15 years ago. Today’s new homes have open floor plans and high ceilings that reflect the way we live today. They’re also made of cutting-edge building products that require less care and maintenance. Another plus? The latest building systems and components are designed and engineered to work together. From advanced framing techniques and whole house wrap to LED lighting and energy rated appliances, the advanced comprehensive system of today’s newly constructed homes are designed to deliver the best in state-of-the-art building sciences to ensure your home is operating harmoniously requiring less maintenance and repairs. 

7) Community Amenities: Todays new homes are often built in lavish master-planned communities with resort-style community centers, pools and clubhouses. Many new home communities also feature playgrounds, hiking trails, protected open lands and some of the best new schools and shopping near (or even within) your new home community. This can also be a great aspect when considering future resale value of the home.

8) Advanced Technology and Design: It’s possible to replace all of the single-pane windows in a resale home with today’s high-performance, energy efficient windows and to add upgraded insulation to a used home. However, consider the cost of adding gourmet appliances, modern cabinets and countertops to that already high price tag. It becomes a very costly expense. Even then you won’t have the high ceilings that today’s new homes boast, or the open floor plans. Nor the ability to add advanced smart technology to your home at the builder design center. You would essentially be settling in the used home, instead of creating your dream home, to reflect the way you live. In addition, you certainly would not be able to go back and engineer the building envelope into today’s high performance offerings that reduce energy costs, improve air quality, and offer improved construction quality amongst other things.

9) Safety: State-of-the-art circuit breakers, not aluminum wiring. High-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners that use the latest environmentally-friendly coolants versus an old 8 SEER unit. Cabinets, carpets and paints that use fewer volatile organic compounds, so that you and your family can breathe easier. Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors throughout the home. Wind rated windows, doors, and hurricane clip construction. Does your used home contain these safety conscious features? Chances are if it’s more than 3-5 years old, it doesn’t. The home is where we house our most precious gifts, our loved ones. Safety is not an area we want to compromise on! 

10) That New Home Feel: At the end of the day, a used home will forever be someone else’s initial dream home, not yours, reflecting their design choices and floor plan needs. Of course, you may learn to deal with it and grow into the home, but most people prefer a home is designed as a perfect fit with that new home feel. It’s about as intoxicating at the new car smell. The thought that no one has ever laid in your bathtub, or walked on your carpet, or created memories in your home is a huge draw to most people. Remember that used home was someone else’s dream, not yours.

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