Rob and Kim began investing in real estate in 1999.  They quickly found a passion for taking older distressed homes and making them new again.

Through this process and after countless renovations, they became experts at finding great deals and maximizing their return by completing the “right renovations” and then systematizing the sales and marketing process to gain the most exposure possible.

Soon, friends and family members started asking them for real estate advice to help them sell their homes, and Rob decided to get his real estate license to start helping his network buy and sell like professionals do.

Word spread and more clients came — more than Rob and Kim could handle alone. That’s why they decided to build a world-class real estate team to help consult, service and sell real estate the CAZA way.



CAZA is a Spanish word meaning "to hunt." 

Originally created with the idea of "hunting for deals" in mind, the meaning of CAZA has since expanded to include the pursuit of a bigger, better life and business. Our culture is rooted in shared values and the quest for continual improvement, effective teamwork, and FUN. Our foundation is based on core principles and we seek to provide wealth-building opportunities for our team members, clients, and partners.