We help SMART people buy homes.

Pick the wrong agent, and you could be stuck for months.

Pick the wrong home, and you could be stuck for years.

Pick the right agent and home...become a RAVING FAN.

Make a SMART pick.

Buying a home is more difficult than they make it look on HGTV.  And it is not just picking an agent from a list next to a property online and looking at a home. We know because we have helped thousands of homebuyers over the past few years.  

According to a recent survey, more than 80% of home buyers were dissatisfied with the performance of their agent, even if that agent actually sold them a property.


The fact is, most brokerages and agents lock the buyer into a long-term, one sided agreements, with lengthy broker/agent protection periods and heavy cancellation fees. Entering into a buyer’s agreement with just any real estate agent can be risky business.  

Unless you make a SMART Choice.

Bottom Line: You need a partner you can trust.

One that does not lock you into a long term, penalty laiden, one sided agreement.

Introducing the CAZA SMART Buyer System.

The Realtor®, and, more importantly, the team that you work with when finding and buying a home can make all the difference in the world.  

Making the right decision is not an accident.  And here is the best part, making a SMART choice does not cost you any more.

Our Complete Guide for Homebuyers is designed to help you make the right choice in a Realtor® and show you how the old way of buying a home is outdated vs. the CAZA Smart way.


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